We are the new local News and Notice Board app targeting small-town people!

News are reported by the reporters of your own neighbourhood! 

ஊரின் ஊடக அடையாளம்!!!

Who we are? 

We are a putting together a team of writers, designers and engineers who are professionals in their respective fields to contribute to our home town using this news app. We provide real-time fact-checked news updates that's happening around our town that includes and not limited to full-day power shutdown, political events, natural calamities, govt. orders, local festival celebrations, election events, blood requirements etc., We are gradually planning to expand our operations on neighbour villages who still rely on whatsapp forward messages to know the local events and important news.   

From where we operate? 

We are currently operating from Parangipettai, a small town near Chidambaram!

Our Team

Mustaq Sameer

Founder and Coder of the App!


Ruvaidha Mustaq

News Admin


Mohamed Irfan

Graphic Designer


Mohamed Jafar

Social Media Manager & QA


M.A. Mohamed Aslam

Lead Writer



Staff Writer


You can be this!

App Screenshots

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